What’s hot right now? Phone Grips!


Phones are getting bigger and harder to hold.

How are users remedying this?

Custom phone grips!

These little adhesive attachments stick to the back of smartphones and other devices, giving the user a no-slip grip. Some phones are so large, they are becoming impossible to hold. The newest iteration of the iPhone is almost 3″ across, making it hard for smaller hands to grab. Typing becomes strained, and the overall experience is frustrating.

Don’t worry, we have a solution. Phone grips solve this awkward problem, and provide an additional space to showcase your company’s branding!

Here is a quick roundup of some phone grips that are available. Check em out.

The Classic: the Pop Socket

The Pop Socket was perhaps the first phone grip to debut. This little circular grip lays flat and pops up to accommodate your gripping needs. It is discreet and unnoticeable until popped up. Plus it has a large space for your logo!










So Custom: The Prop Stop

This fully customizable ring attachment does it all: it comes in any shape you can dream, and it has a sleek ring attached for easy gripping. This would be perfect for a unique giveaway that any smart device user would love.










Sleek and Universal: The SlingGrip

Equipped with extra-strong 3M adhesive, this grip fits any device. The SlingGrip is small and sleek, but provides a lot of space for your logo or slogan. This grip allows for extra thumb reach on larger devices. What a cool giveaway!










Large Branding Space: Sleek Smartphone Ring Stand Holder

This grip is larger than the others, but serves multiple purposes. Use it as a stand for your phone, or attach it higher and it will function as a ring grip. Plus look at all that branding space!


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