Vendor Case Study: Amtrak Goes Green


Vendor case study: Amtrak wanted a marketing piece for a campaign that would convey a message about their new Acela train as the best “green alternative” to air shuttle travel.


Amtrak: Northeast corridor line and its new service Acela.


Amtrak got aggressive with its marketing to the Northeast corridor – Boston, NYC, Philadelphia and Washington DC. The campaign conveyed why their new Acela train was the best “green alternative” to air shuttle travel.


The Save-A-Bottle was the perfect match!

  • Recycled travel mug
  • Super durable
  • Built for road trips
  • Promotes being green

Along with a color folder explaining how environmentally sound train travel was in comparison to air travel, the information was sent to over 1,500 corporations. Inside was a Save-A-Bottle and an invitation to ride Acela. The Acela campaign was also tied in with the local print & radio advertising.

The SAV5 made the campaign shine! Recipients were impressed by the package sent directly to them. Many passengers were using their new bottles for the trip. Since the launch, Amtrak has re-ordered three times.


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