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Running an Eco-Friendly Household

eco-friendly house

Ever wonder how to run an eco-friendly household?

The folks over at the Huffington Post did their research, and put it all into a well-designed infographic for the rest of us to use!

Scroll along as you check out their …

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Vendor Case Study: Amtrak Goes Green


Vendor case study: Amtrak wanted a marketing piece for a campaign that would convey a message about their new Acela train as the best “green alternative” to air shuttle travel.


Amtrak: Northeast corridor line and its new service Acela.…

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Vendor Case Study: Habitat for Humanity Goes Green!

Velocity Mug

Habitat for Humanity wanted to thank attendees for their time and contributions


Client wanted a unique gift to thank attendees for their time and contributions. They ended up taking a local and eco friendly approach to their gift giving……

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