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Running an Eco-Friendly Household

eco-friendly house

Ever wonder how to run an eco-friendly household?

The folks over at the Huffington Post did their research, and put it all into a well-designed infographic for the rest of us to use!

Scroll along as you check out their …

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Eco-Friendly Items

eco-friendly glass planter

Why is sustainability important?

At am3 we’ve been working to provide our customers with the most updated information about sustainable items.

Our research and design process has led us at am3 to think about our impact on the environment and what …

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Wooden items are in!


Why Choose Wooden Items?

In the last decade there has been a major push towards eco-friendly products. This has created demand for recycled goods, upcycled goods, and goods produced from natural materials.

This includes wooden items, which are often made …

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Earth Day – Sustainable Wearables


So how are plastic bottles made into sustainable wearables like t-shirts? Great question!

Check out this cool process behind how we help make sustainable wearables for Earth Day!

The collected bottles enter a conversion process where they are…

  • Cleaned
  • Separated
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