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What’s hot right now? Phone Grips!


Phones are getting bigger and harder to hold.

How are users remedying this?

Custom phone grips!

These little adhesive attachments stick to the back of smartphones and other devices, giving the user a no-slip grip. Some phones are so large, they are …

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What company turned a branded giveaway into a $5 billion history lesson?


It’s not just a branded giveaway…

They initially sold soap and baking powder but through a branded giveaway their business got a little sweeter.

While their giveaway was not one of the current top 5 products sold for promotions it …

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Branding affects the personality of a product, company or service and is used to identify the customer, satisfy the customer and keep the customer.
Your brand is your statement to the world; your promise to deliver as a company. We are your brand consultants. We make sure you keep that promise.
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