Darlene Whitehurst

darlene whitehurst

President, Chief Creative Officer

Darlene Whitehurst is President and Chief Creative Officer of am3 adsource (Adsource Media, Inc) a full service brand promotions agency,  located in Raleigh, NC. am3 specializes in corporate branded merchandise, marketing solutions, digital media, product development, packaging, sales training and employee motivation.

Her 34 years of experience and vast knowledge of merchandise, marketing and media has contributed to the long term success of am3 adsource as they are celebrating their 16th year as a 100% woman-owned business.


Fun Facts

Darlene Whitehurst has taken motivation to a new level by encouraging personal development through several of her own initiatives, including Goal Matters, Goal-Friends! and Pooh’s Pets. Darlene is committed to encouraging personal growth. She continuously inspires individuals to reach their full potential in success, happiness, passion and purpose.

Darlene has also published a series of goal journals for Wednesdays, Women & Wine, Women & Awareness™, and Waking Women UP!™.

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