Case Study: TBM Stopwatch

case study

Case study: Client needed a new and improved stop watch for training. am3 proposed a custom designed higher quality stop watch.


Client specializes in Kaizen Training Management and was incurring a 20%-25% defective rate on stopwatches.

•Stop watches inherently have high record of defectiveness.
•Client needed a dependable stop watch they could use for Kaizen Training.
•They also needed custom packing for their training kits.


We proposed a custom designed higher quality stopwatch that featured;

1. Stainless Steel
2. Battery Replacement back
3. Could switch from min/seconds
4. Run infinitely
5. 1/10th & 1/100th second specific for Kaizen Training
6. An on /off switch to preserve battery
7. Start / Stop feature
8. Custom packaging

New model was a huge success and to date we have not had one defective product complaint.

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